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  • When is pecan harvest season?
    The harvest season for pecans varies by region but in South Alabama, harvest season typically runs from mid-to-late October through mid-to-late December, depending on the crop quality and quantity of production.
  • How long will my pecans stay fresh?
    Even though our pecans are put through a drying process to help preserve freshness, because they are still raw, fresh produce, we encourage you to store them according to our recommendations to ensure they remain fresh as long as possible.
  • How do I properly store my pecans to ensure long-lasting freshness?
    We suggest that upon receipt of your pecans, place pecans in an air-tight storage container (such as a Ziplock bag or plasticware with locking lid), write the date on the bag or container, and place in freezer. Pecans will keep in the freezer for up to 3 years, and you can thaw and re-freeze as many times as necessary until they're gone and it will not harm the nut. Pecans are a very healthy nut and contain lots of nutrients, including healthy oils. Because of this natural moisture, if you do not freeze them, the moisture will cause the pecans to mold. We cross-check every order before it leaves our facility, to ensure freshness and quality. Underwood Pecan Farm is not responsible and will not be held liable for orders not properly stored upon receipt.
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